Suwanee River, FL

Guana River State Park, FL

Guana River State Park, FL

Little Talbot Island, FL

Little Talbot Island, FL

Cumberland Island, GA

Cumberland Island, GA

Alpine Groves Park, FL

Alpine Groves Park, FL

Intrepid Spaniel, Georgia, On Site, FL

Intrepid Spaniel, Georgia, On Site, FL

About Pittman LA


As a smaller firm, we are able to offer personalized and attentive service. Our office is based in Jacksonville, Florida and we serve clients throughout the Southeast. We also work regularly with other consultants as part of a larger team in order to deliver the best combination of skills and experience to each client and project.


We excel in our ability to balance the needs of our clients, large and small, public and private, with that of the natural environment and the neighboring community. Our collaborative approach to each project builds team consensus and garners outside support through round-table meetings, workshops and charrettes, and active presentations. Working with numerous developers, contractors, municipalities, and government agencies on a large variety of projects, we have a clear understanding of the site development and permitting processes, from concept schematics to certificates of occupancy.


Our professional rate of $185 per hour is competitive within the region and is reflective of over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of projects, our creativity, and our responsiveness. We meet with clients to understand budgets and define a scope of work, then create a suitable fee structure that we bill monthly.


We work with a wide variety of clients that include:

Builders and Developers

Architects and Engineers

  • Connelly & Wicker, Jacksonville, FL

  • Basham and Lucas Design Group, Jacksonville, FL

  • The LA Group, Saratoga Springs, NY

  • GAI Consultants, Jacksonville, FL

  • William Leuthold Architect, Jacksonville, FL

  • Design Cooperative, Jacksonville, FL

  • DK Architects, Pompano Beach, FL

  • Taylor and White, Jacksonville, FL

  • Bergmann Associates, Rochester, NY

  • Tetra Tech, Jacksonville, FL

  • David B. Case Architect

  • Tacoi Engineering, Jacksonville, FL

Businesses, Municipalities, and Institutions

Residential Communities

  • 54 Magnolia, Jacksonville, FL

  • Deerwood IA, Jacksonville, FL

  • Deercreek Country Club OA, Jacksonville, FL

  • Hidden Hills Country Club Estates, Jacksonville, FL

  • Pace Island Owner's Association, Fleming Island, FL

  • 1661 Riverside, Jacksonville, FL

  • Beau Rivage Condominium, Jacksonville, FL

Residential Property Owners

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bailey, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pajcic, Amelia Island, FL

  • Mr. John Valentino, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Stennett, Atlantic Beach, FL

  • Dr. Ankit Desai, Jacksonville, FL

  • Dr. Shawn West, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • Dr. Sagar Shah, Jacksonville, FL

  • Dr. and Mrs. Dan Wohl, Jacksonville, FL

  • Rev. and Mrs. Christopher Martin, Atlantic Beach, FL

  • Mr. Robert DiBerardino, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • Mr. Quinn Barton, Jacksonville, FL

  • Ms. Jennifer Wolfe, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mrs. Heather Stokes, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tritt, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mrs. Margaret Moore, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mr. Robin Sorenson, St. Johns, FL

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Magevney, Jacksonville, FL

  • Ms. Beth Horn, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Dawson, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • Mr. Jay Robinson, Jacksonville, FL

  • Mr. and Mrs. Braxton Gillam, Jacksonville, FL

Palm Valley

Palm Valley